800 Words is a heart-warming drama series built around newly-widowed George Turner’s decision to start afresh and take his teenage kids from Sydney to the New Zealand coastal town of Weld, where George spent his summer holidays as a child.

Impulsive is one word to describe George’s bold move to kick-start his family back into life and out of grief. Rash and insane are a couple of other words that could be (and are) used.

In the town of Weld George soon gets the attention of the locals when they discover he is writing about his new life in his job as a columnist for a Sydney newspaper.

Any hope of a quiet transition into a new life for the Turner clan is very quickly dashed as the Aussie invaders become the centre of attention – and George becomes the focus of operations for the Women of Weld, the four single women who will become big players in whatever future awaits him.

800 WORDS is a series about death and re-birth; about a man taking his family to the most unlikely place on the planet, inhabited by weird and wonderful locals, a town full of secrets, in order to start afresh.

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