As an engineer, race car driver, adventurer and soldier, Jimmy has been tinkering with and rebuilding engines and vehicles his entire life. In Engine Addict with Jimmy De Ville, Jimmy will explore abandoned factories, junkyards and deserted airfields to unearth an incredible range of combustion engines across the globe – traveling to Poland, India, Brazil, Sweden, Austria and the United Kingdom during the series.

Drawing on the guidance of local engine experts, Jimmy will uncover the history and heritage behind these iconic engines and the vehicles they powered, and modify them for use in his own extreme hand-built vehicles. In a world of convenience and lust for the new, consumers often overlook the value of products they toss aside. Luckily for extreme engineers like Jimmy, their trash is his treasure to turn into a masterpiece that defies regular conventions of travel. Each episode concludes with Jimmy ultimately testing the vehicles on the toughest terrain that each country can throw at him, from taking a 30-year-old car engine to power a snowmobile up Poland’s Tatra Mountains to pairing two motorbike engines in a self-built dune buggy across India’s scorching Thar Desert.

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