Geordie Shore is the smash hit reality entertainment series that follows the lives of a group of young ‘Geordies’ as they live, work and party in the City of Newcastle.

Living it up Toon-style, the uber glamorous, party-crazy and fun loving cast give us a sneak-peak into their weekend-millionaire lifestyle as we go behind the scenes in the party capitals of the world with this outrageous group of youngsters.

Watching them ‘Get On it Like a Car Bonnet’, ‘Tash On’ and enjoy ‘Mortal Momments’ has proved hugely popular with audiences around the globe providing MTV UK with their highest ratings ever and a social media success story that has made headlines around the world.

The famous backdrop of the Tyne has even enjoyed an increase in tourism as viewers escape to the North East of England to try and grab a glimpse of the action.

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