Based on the real life adventures of Britain’s most famous ghost hunter and sceptic, HARRY PRICE: GHOST HUNTER is a mystery adventure series which follows Price and his assistant, Sarah Grey, as they investigate and debunk tales of the paranormal and supernatural.
The year is 1920 – the roaring twenties are kicking off, a whole new world of science and technology is opening up – yet the country is still recovering from heavy losses inflicted from the war (over three million men killed, around 35% of those mobilised didn’t return home). And while the parties might be louder and brighter, and the inventions of the time might suggest a glittering future, the country is also struggling with a crippling economic depression, alongside the deadly effects of the ‘Spanish flu’ (a quarter of a million people died but official figures were kept quiet, so as not to panic a population recovering from the effects of the war).
In the centre of this is Harry Price. An expert at sleight of hand and with a keen eye to dissect magicians and tricksters, he’s lost his way in recent years, making his living as a fake medium and as a fraudulent ‘ghostbuster’. Sure, he’ll rid your house of spirits – but the chances are that he was the one who convinced you they were there in the first place. But when his actions lead to the suicide of a young soldier, Harry locks himself away and retreats from the world at large.
Until the offer to investigate a supposed haunting of a local MP and his wife comes Harry’s way. An offer Harry can’t refuse for personal reasons. A job that will bring him into contact with Sarah Grey and change both their lives forever. A job where Harry can use the skills to shine the light of science and reason upon the paranormal.
Because Harry is sure there aren’t such things as ghosts, spirits, psychic and paranormal behaviour… and he’s going to prove it.
But that doesn’t

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