Race for the White House is a high-profile six-part CNN drama-documentary series that will tell the story of some of America’s most iconic and consequential presidential elections. A collaboration between two award-winning production companies – Raw TV and Kevin Spacey’s Trigger Street.

Each episode tells the story of one campaign, featuring interviews with candidates, campaign strategists, managers, politicians and historians. Seen from competing sides of the race these revealing and personal interviews will tell the inside stories of the six election battles. Accompanying the personal narratives will be a combination of remarkable and insightful archive drawn from the widest possible sources and stylized dramatic reconstructions to highlight the “behind the scenes” stories.

Each film highlights the notorious and controversial moments of the campaigns as well as the unexplored stories that resulted in euphoria for the winning candidate and political devastation for the loser. The six elections are: 1828 – Andrew Jackson v John Quincy Adams; 1860 – Abraham Lincoln vs Stephen Douglas; 1948 – Harry Truman vs Thomas Dewey; 1960 – John F. Kennedy vs Richard Nixon; 1988 George H. W. Bush vs Michael Dukakis; 1992 – Bill Clinton vs George H.W. Bush.

Broadcast began on the 6th March 2016 to complement CNN’s coverage of the 2016 Presidential election and is narrated by its Executive Producer, Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey.

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