Written and created by Harry and Jack Williams, starring James Nesbitt, Frances O’Connor and Tchéky Karyo, The Missing is an eight-part series produced for BBC One and Starz about the search for a young boy who goes missing during a family holiday to Northern France.
The story focuses on Tony Hughes, his wife Emily and their 5 year old son Oliver. Whilst staying in the town of Chalon du Bois, Tony takes Oliver to a crowded bar, but amidst the crowd Tony loses sight of his son and the search for Oliver begins.
Eight years later and Oliver is still missing. Tony and Emily are now divorced and the local Police have closed their investigation into Oliver’s disappearance. Tony refuses to give up hope and uncovers new evidence that enables him to enlist the help of Julien Baptiste, a retired French detective who led the original investigation into Oliver’s disappearance. Tony and Baptiste work together and eventually persuade the local Police to reopen the case. From there the drama unfolds.

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